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New to supplementation? You’re in the right place; this digestive duo is our recommended first stop on your path to optimum wellness.

AquaSource Remove Program, followed by the Start Easy Programme, is designed to promote a balanced and healthy gut environment for nutrient absorption.  Make this fresh-start combination the foundation of your wellness journey.


Say hi to our hero ingredient

AquaSource organic blue-green algae features outstanding nutritional properties. These are not just words; our algae is officially recognised as a Superfood.*

Grown and harvested in Upper Klamath Lake, USA, it’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols to support your body’s natural recovery process. There’s virtually nothing else to match its nutritional profile on a gram-for-gram basis. Amazing, right?

*Approved EFSA Health Claims.

Clean nutrition

Algae is, frankly, a miracle of nature. It’s no-fuss yet super nutrient-rich.

It’s readily absorbed as our bodies can effortlessly recognise it as food, and almost every element can be converted by the body to support energy levels. We simply harness and bottle nature’s superpower into clean, efficient nutrition.

Nothing added. Nothing taken away.

Our gentle, patented BioActive Dehydration® process means that the nutritional value of the algae is virtually untouched from source to supplement.

ZERO binders or fillers are added. With AquaSource, you receive a billion years of evolutionary nutrition, just as nature intended. 

It’s a no from us when it comes to GMO ingredients. We never use binders or fillers, and we maintain a firm policy of ‘no nasties’ across all formulations.

Organic ingredients, organic certifications, and dietary accreditations are important to us, and we’re proud that more than 70% of our products (and counting) are certified by The Vegan Society®.

What’s more, we have an enviable record when it comes to the recyclability of our packaging and shipping materials. At every step of the journey, our ethics guide us to champion sustainability and the health of our amazing, fragile world.


GMO Free


No binders or fillers

Gluten Free


Independent product accreditations




Recyclable and reusable packaging

Fresh facts, tips, and practical advice to boost your everyday wellbeing.

Leading and innovating since 1994, we love and live our values every day. Our dedication to natural and organic ingredients and sustainability began long before it was a trend.

We believe in business as a force for good, helping to sustain future generations. This is why we work to reduce our environmental footprint year on year and also why we donate 10% of all profit, after tax, to the LightSource Charity to create joy and help improve the lives of children.

This is the AquaSource difference; every message we share, every customer and Brand Ambassador we welcome, is a win for the planet and for people.